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The Bible Project

The Bible is one unified story that leads to Jesus, but we don't always treat it that way. At The Bible Project, we make animated videos that explore the books and themes of the Bible. Explore all of our free videos and resources by book, theme, or series here.

The Reading Plan

The average American commutes 27 minutes a day each way to work, and some of people even commute an hour in a half each way! So if you just took 15 minutes from your daily commute you could read the entire Bible in a year. 

That is the heart behind The Commute.  The Commute is a  Bible reading plan we created that you can read or listen to on your smartphone while you commute. You can also download this pdf and follow along on your own. 

Every day this reading plan will take you through a little bit of the Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs. All you have to do is set aside15 minutes from your daily commute.  Don’t let time stand in the way of reading the best-selling book of all time.  You never know, it just might change your life!

Click here to download the Reading Plan pdf

Starting Point

A seven-day journey exploring your new life of faith.

SOAP, a simple way to read the Bible.

Dr. Wayne Cordeiro, shares the SOAP method. This is a simple method you can use to get more out of your time in The Bible. The video and notes will explain how it works, but here is a quick summary. Remember the more you dive into scripture, the more you will grow in your understanding and relationship with God. 

Scripture: Pick a verse that stands out to you.

Observation: What do you see going in that part of scripture. What does it teach you about God, yourself, and/or the world around you.

Application: How does this apply to your everyday life. How will it change the way you connect with God, your neighbor, or yourself.

Prayer: Scripture is the best template for prayer. Use this verse to lead you into a short time of prayer and meditation with God.