During the 2019-2020 school year, Campus Connect sent emails, encouraging notes, devotions, gift cards, and care packages to 14 students. All of this was made possible by a Thrivent Action Team grant, donations from the Campus Connect Amazon Wishlist, and volunteer time. As you know, the school year did not end as anyone had planned, but Campus Connect was able to get feedback from students and parents in order to improve for the upcoming school year.  We are thankful for all of the support and pray this ministry can continue to encourage students in their faith life and their walk with God throughout this new school year as well.

So how can you help?

  1. Sign-up a Bethlehem College Student to be a part of Campus Connect by filling out this form. (Please resubmit each school year with updated contact information.)
  2. Adopt a College Student: You’ll be assigned a student to pray for throughout the year, and you’ll have the option of sending him or her a few handwritten notes or a birthday greeting.
  3. Donate Care Package Supplies from the Campus Connect Amazon Wishlist (Don’t forget to list your name so we can thank you properly!)
  4. Be a part of our Student Devotional: Write a small devotion or reflect on a verse that has been meaningful to you. Together we will create a booklet for our college students written just for them!
  5. Volunteer to help pack the care-packages in October (Date &Time: TBD)

Are you interested in hearing more about adopting a college student, writing in the devotional, or helping to pack boxes? 

Email bethlantkegley@gmail.com