Bethlehem Student Ministry

Please note: Some of our pages are not fully populated but will be updated with more info on all students ministries once Kenzie, our new DCE starts this June! 

Thanks for your patients during this time.  

  • Learn more about Confirmation and Youth Connection Group opportunities!

  • During the Connection Hour at 10:15am is our Youth Connection Group! This is for 6th through 12th graders and takes place in the Youth Room downstairs! We will start with snacks and hangout time, and end at 11:00 after activities and bible study! We hope to see you there!

  • Campus Connect is a program designed to maintain a connection with our youth once they have moved on from high school. Small care packages are sent periodically throughout the year. In addition to small gifts or treats, encouragement for their Spiritual life will be included. 

  • Here you will find information and registrations for all our Youth events.