Red Letter Challenge

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  • Introduction

    Your Next Steps: 

    Get your own Red Letter Challenge book. Available at Bethlehem Church.

    Join a Red Letter Challenge small group. Expect God to do great things! 

    Pray for it! And invite others into your Red Letter Challenge experience.

  • Being

    Your Next Steps:

    It's not too late to get a Red Letter Challenge book and join the challenge!

    Get yours at Bethlehem Church at your next opportunity. Try sacrificing TV, Netflix, or other entertainment time and putting that time towards spending time with Jesus. Share with your small group the challenges you experience in "being" with Jesus. 

  • Forgiving

    Your Next Steps: 

    When the enemy tries to convince you that you are not forgiven this coming week, remind yourself that Jesus has already forgiven you. He has washed your sin away.

  • Serving

    Your Next Steps: 

    Join a Connection Group any Sunday at 10am and find out where you can serve using your God given skills. Click here to find out how you can jump right into serving. Through serving, live the life you want to live knowing that you are a contributor, and not only a consumer.

  • Giving

    Your Next Steps: 

    It's not too late to jump into the Red Letter Challenge! Each day, challenge yourself to live out the words of Jesus in your life. Declutter your life. What is in your closet that you don't need any more that someone else can use? Maybe make a goal to minimize your possessions to the point where you don't need a storage facility anymore. Learn how you can give your time in serving.

  • Going