The Connecting Fund Vision:

It is a sobering experience to witness churches that were once vibrant worshiping communities declining in attendance, and some are forced to close their doors. We watch as the United States becomes the third largest mission field in the world.  For many churches this is the sad reality they face, but at Bethlehem we are experiencing a different trend. In the midst of a culture of declining churches, we are experiencing renewed growth and renewed vibrancy! We firmly believe God does not desire us to simply be satisfied with being an anomaly in a declining church culture, but we believe God desires us to be a catalyst in our region, the country and the world.

God is calling us to be a church that can help people connect to Christ. He is calling us to be a place that will send the Gospel out to the ends of the earth through our livestream ministry.  He is also calling us to be a training center that sends church planters out to launch vibrant churches. God is calling us to be an example for growing a Gospel centered ministry in the 21st century. He is calling us to be a place where area church leaders can grow and experience the excitement of what it means to do Gospel-centered ministry by hosting conference opportunities in our facility. Our first step to accomplish this vision is The Connecting Fund.

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